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Using the powerful WCRI Detailed Benchmark/Evaluation (DBE) Database, WCRI Benchmarks provide data on system performance and trends by state. They result from special WCRI methods that produce meaningful interstate comparisons. They can be used by those interested in how a state compares to another, or used by employers or insurers to compare their company's experiences.

The DBE Database contains a representative critical mass of data for each of the states. It includes claims from insurers, state funds and self insurers, and claims from both voluntary and residual markets. Using this diversity of data providers, WCRI uses statistical methods to ensure representativeness. The DBE also includes 46 to 83 percent of the claims in a state.

WCRI benchmarks are provided as a service to the workers' compensation community. They include the most recent information available from the WCRI database.

WCRI Benchmarks presented here are for claims with more than 7 days of lost time.

WCRI Benchmarks

Benefits and Costs

Paid benefit costs
Incurred benefit costs


Paid benefit delivery expenses
Medical-legal expenses


Time from injury to notice to payor
Time from injury to first payment
Time from payor notice to payment
Time from employer notice to payor notice


Percentage of claims with more than 7 days of lost time
Weeks of temporary disability

Medical Utilization: costs, visits and provider mix, by type of provider

Multistate average
By state

Definition of Measures  


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